The Question Is What to Text a Guy After a One Night Stand

Text a Guy After a One Night Stand

Earlier, once a guy gets a girl's number, how long should he wait before calling her? But, with technology taking over our lives and our smartphones attached to our hands, after a hookup, it's now just what a guy can text. And it seems to be the turn of the ladies to reach out first. But what would you say? Would you say that you had a nice time, or just be casual? Decide what you expect from him before determining what exactly to text a guy after a hookup. If you're planning on ghosting him next week, you don't want to say you would love to see him again. And if you want to see him on a more regular basis, you don't want to be too casual.

What to Text a Guy After a One Night Stand?

So, knowing what the strategy is would make it a lot smoother to decide what to say. Did you have a nice time? Did you just have to have a nice night and that's all? Do you like to be friends with benefits? Would you like to begin dating him? After the hookup, continue to think about how you felt and go from there. You need to be honest with yourself before you can be honest with him. Even if he's a nice guy, you might want to move on if that hookup was bad. But, maybe it was a fluke occurrence, maybe he had an off night, and would you like to give it another go? After a hookup, you don't want to head into texting without getting at least a few replies to all kinds of questions.

How to Ask a Guy to Hook Up Over Text?

Don't think too much. The right thing to say shouldn't take you hours to come up with. You might not be ready for the date if you are anxious enough to stress over asking him out. Just bite the bullet and press send while you're trying to find out how to ask a guy out over text, whether you're thinking about the exact language to use or not. Only be straightforward. No offense to men, but when reading between the lines or picking up on hidden hints, they seem not to be perfect, so go with it. Vague expressions such as hang out suggest you're just hanging out. You don't have much at all to be worried about in any situation. You want to ask this man out, though. Chemistry in person, eye contact, and more clarifies that you are asking him out on a romantic date. But if you have decided to go virtual, you have to make sure you use the words' date' or 'go out.' So take these hints, type a text, reread it for some odd spelling or grammatical mistakes, and press send. The most frustrating thing, however, is waiting for an answer.

What to Text a Guy the Morning After?

Of all the things you can text a guy after a hookup, it's the toughest thing to want to continue seeing him. What if you're contacting him and he's not messaging you back? What if he's not going to want to see you? Your mind may be riddled with doubts, but you can stay calm, cool, and collected if you have the right thing to say at your fingertips. If you want to see him again, just say, "I can't stop thinking about…" and add whatever you enjoyed. This would take his mind back to how much fun you two had, and he may start thinking of asking you out again.

How Long Should You Wait to Text a Guy Back?

The first text back is often the most complicated one. How long have you been waiting for a message from the hot guy at the gym? If you ask around, some people would advise you to wait for "this many days" before you make contact, but that tactic is flat-out dumb. Instead, you should hit it earlier rather than later. If you don't text them relatively quickly or wait around assuming they're going to text you first, a couple of things might happen: the hot man from the gym would forget you and that he gave you his number, or he'll think you're not interested. To keep the emotional momentum going to solidify yourself in their mind, you should test them on the same day or night.

How to Ask a Guy to Hook up Again?

"It was great last night; we should do it again." Ask for a second date on your own. And why not? You only get one chance at a second date. Why not take the gamble and go all in? See if he wishes to see you again now, instead of finding your way into small talk. Why spend time at all? You want to make sure there is some chemistry there before asking him out. This can be difficult to ascertain through texting, but it is possible. Make jokes, be gutsy, and flirt instead of texting formally. His reaction to these types of communications can serve to remind you of his level of interest. You may want to abandon your mission if he responds with one word and shuts down your attempts to flirt.


Uh. Texting. What a magnificent invention. Without an hour-long phone call, it lets us ask a fast question, lets us get to know somebody without the jitters, and lets us ask somebody out with a little less anxiety. If you want to see if he reaches out, you can wait for a day or two. However, it's not a game here. If you want to text him, just do it. If you don't want to say anything personal, send him an amusing meme or gif so that he can respond if he wants to see you.

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