How to Tell If There's Sexual Tension Between You

How to Build Sexual Tension

Do you know that when you are in a certain girl's company, your stomach does a flip, and it feels great and awful at the same time? That, my friend, is sexual tension. When you want her, it's the delicious anticipation you get in the throes of fresh desire and can't wait to get a move on. If you try to find out what you feel exactly, begin to take care of how you feel when they're around. And if you want to create sexual tension in her as well, hold her attention to you and steer her mind gently to erotic thoughts. All it takes is a little practice.

Is She Sexually Attracted to You?

She looks and smells extremely nice. Since she realizes that she's about to see you, she makes sure that she's at her most beautiful – and that's a sure indication that she needs to please you and make herself presentable at the same time. She's reaching over and touching you. It's not that she wants to touch to let you know that she's into you — it's something about feeling the need to encourage sex before she's all naughty towards you.

What Is Sexual Tension?

If you are not among those who have quite a hand in the dating game, not everyone will grasp the mechanics behind sexual tension. Sexual tension is a relationship experienced by two persons of opposite sexes. This interaction type is not the sort of casual conversation you have with your schoolmates or colleagues at work every day. Instead, it refers to a conversation that begins in a casual tone, then eventually moves into sexuality and mutual sexual interest.

How to Tell If There's Sexual Tension

She's flirting with you big time. She retains eye contact, she talks to you with open arms, she leans in, and as she looks at you, she has a dreamy look on her face — the truth is, girls can be very detectable when they're drawn to someone, that's why you'd best be observant. She's naughty talking and always teasing you. She's making a joke, mocking you relentlessly and not stopping — it's one way to keep your mind completely concentrated on her, and it's a way to know if your acceptance has been achieved as well.

Signs of Sexual Tension at Work

Women are simply too tough to resist, are they not? But next time you're out on a fun Saturday night with a hot babe, here are a few strategies for you to follow to spot indicators of sexual tension — get to figure out whether she's drawn to you right now! Eye contact is a very clear indication of flirting — and when she mixes it with coy flickering looks or eyelid dropping, it's a fired-up indicator that she also needs you to get flirty with her. Making sure you catch her gaze as well —that's a smart way to create stronger physical excitement.

How to Know If You Have Sexual Tension with Someone?

She looks a lot at your mouth. The lips are considered one of the body's most sensual parts, which is why you can't resist the desire to look at their lips while you're sexually drawn to someone. That's why, as she does, she'll lick her lips slowly — that's going to drive you completely crazy! She's smiling at all of your jokes. Any single joke you make, you catch her smiling, even though it's not funny! Big indication she's into you!

Sexual Tension Symptoms

Does she lean into you while listening to you talk, or is her head lying on her palm? She may seem dreamy and nice, but the fact is, right now, she's experiencing sizzling sexual excitement. See how she continuously reaches to touch you — it's one powerful indication she's initiating intimacy. Is she crossing her thighs and uncrossing them? The bigger her swing is, the more relaxed she becomes in your presence, so a whole new degree of sexual tension is reached.

Signs of Sexual Tension Between Man and Woman

For a man and a woman, desire is natural — it's healthy and enjoyable. When sexual excitement enters the frame, it is even more complicated — and undoubtedly much more thrilling. One of the most popular flirting signs is keeping eye contact, but the extended gaze spells out something else — she needs to move beyond flirting. She needs to explore you better and wants to feel more intimate at the same moment.

Is She Thinking About You Sexually?

Pair that with the sultry and flirty grin and the provocative licking of her lips while listening to you talk — nothing will spell sexual tension better than this one. On her side, this is an unconscious gesture, and she might well be unaware that you have already completely drawn and seduced her. The most sensual aspect of the face is the lips, and the more she plays with them, the more she needs to concentrate your mind on her — and on her alone.

Sexual Tension Between Friends

You are about to learn a mystery that can theoretically transform you into a boyfriend or lover from "just a friend." The first thing you need to do is try to establish sexual tension between the two of you. The faster you start, the better. Is she talking in sexual ways, such as "wondering" what your apartment looks like, how beautiful your biceps are, and how nice you smell? She's probably giving you codes that she's all geared up for tonight and eager to take some action.


It may be a mad thing to be stung by the undeniable thing called desire. The first instinct is to figure out if that person feels the same about you, too. Okay, of course, we enjoy feeling good and all that stuff—it is a phenomenal and thrilling opportunity to be sexually attracted. Here we have given you a few steamy hot indicators of sexual desire — finally, figure out if she's also drawn to you sexually!

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